The Path of Enlightenment


Always remember that the full extent of meditation and yoga is discovered when one adopts it as a comprehensive lifestyle and spiritual discipline.

This can only happen through practice and more so through the subtle mental and spiritual practices. The physical practices are meant to allow the body to become subtle to experience and adjust to the important mental and spiritual approach. Mental stamina is provided through yogic ethics (Yama and Niyama) and other mentally uplifting things for expanding the mind, while spiritual well-being starts with meditation.

For thousands of years, meditation has provided human beings with a powerful tool for unlocking the vast potentials of the mind; a doorway into the inner recesses of the Self. Meditation is an exercise that develops the mind.

Meditation offers the key to self-discovery. One starts by learning a simple and effective meditation technique that you can practice at home.

From there it is possible to learn your own personal meditation technique taught by a competent teacher and to advance to more particular forms of meditation.

On becoming more adept or on the strength of one’s desire to learn an in-depth meditation process, the person is guided through the steps of meditation, explaining how it works and how it affects the mind when they learn their own personal method based on a scientific and psychological foundation. This is taught by trained teachers who have dedicated their time and life to uplifting society through teaching meditation and doing social service. By practice one overcomes any difficulties that may arise during those initial weeks. Actual practice is vitally important. After some time you will regularly and successfully continue meditation on your own, even without having to remind yourself – it will come naturally and be

part of your lifestyle.

Here’s how meditation can help you with your personal growth:

– it can put you in touch with your real feelings and balance your emotional life;

– it can help you become less fragmented inwardly and more whole and real;

– it can help you understand and accept yourself without role-playing for the sake of social dogma;

– it can help you become more able to empathise and communicate with and help others.

And if you already have no difficulties with any of that, meditation will surely awaken an even deeper sense of self that makes you aware that you’re part of a larger Infinite whole – and indeed there is no difference. This is actually part of the moral principles of yoga (ie to see the Cosmic essence in all things, devotion to a higher principle of life) which are all embracing, encouraging you to seek kinship and participate in the world through service, use of right words, clean environment and attitudes, not intentionally harming living things, not stealing, and reducing one’s luxuries so that all people on this planet are co-operatively able to be provided with the basic necessities of life. At the same time you have mental ease and can properly understand things from a spiritual nature.

Meditation is a wonderful means of psychological integration. The realisation to be achieved is that there is only the One, who is the basic factor of all the diverse kinds of vibrational manifestations in the universe. This is not unachievable. It is encapsulate in the following


“Train yourselves in the ideal of the lily, which blossoms in the mud and has to keep itself engaged in the struggle for existence day in and day out, parrying, bracing, and fighting through the shocks of muddy waters and forces of storms and squalls and sundry other vicissitudes of fortune and yet it does not forget the Moon above. It keeps its love for the Moon constantly alive. Prima facie however, it is but a most ordinary flower.

There is nothing extraordinary about it. Still this most ordinary little flower is in a romantic tie with the great Moon. It has kept all its desires riveted to the Moon. Similarly, maybe you are an ordinary creature – maybe you have to pass your days through the ups and downs of your worldly existence – still don’t forget that Supreme Preference. Keep all your desires inclined towards that Entity. Always keep yourselves merged in the thought of the Great. Go deep into the mood of that Infinite Love. By this your worldly occupation will not be hampered in any way.”

– Anandamurti

To train the mind development of ethics / morality is required because before moving you should decide how you are going. Morality develops proper use of your mind and organs and is necessary to the practice of spiritual meditation and if mind is to go beyond layers of distortion, so that it is able to be concentrated and focused during meditation.

When people are goaded by material objects of desire alone, they are eaten away by frustration and disappointment, and this can become a serious health hazard. Frustration consumes them from the inside out. This defective psychology, teaches people to look upon the temporal as permanent, and people sometimes knowingly, sometimes unknowingly, run after mirages and waste their valuable lives in great frustration. However, the awareness developed through meditation and the realisation that one’s mind has higher aspirations is maintained through meditation and this does not get distorted. It is fundamentally expansive and universal. It is an depth and wonderful field of practice.

Obviously, the whole of meditation and yoga cannot be taught in one lesson.

A firm grounding in meditation comes from practice and being taught the right method. There should be no charge for what is fundamental to higher human existence when learning meditation, as meditation itself is considered the birthright of all.

Source by Joseph McDonald

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