Christopher Duncan: Live Magnetic Mind Session and RAPID RECODE (link to join in the comments)

Christopher Duncan: Live Magnetic Mind Session and RAPID RECODE

this was filmed live and the offer is no longer available, you can get a session here at an introductory rate


How To Stop Self Sabotage Using The Magnetic Mind Process

You can stop limiting beliefs and self-sabotage by teaching your brain the rapid recode process which is an epigenetic and neuroscience process developed to help you overcome your limits Fast.

This process is taking the personal development world by storm and is helping people to make more money, feel more motivated, get past doubt and fears to consciously create what they desire

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37 thoughts on “Christopher Duncan: Live Magnetic Mind Session and RAPID RECODE (link to join in the comments)”

  1. Amazing stuff Chris, thank you. I have a good understanding of channelling positive energy and reprogramming the brain by removing mind patterns, and your method is great. I have trialled it and reached 0 at the end! I muscle test to get yes or no. People like Dr. Joe Dispenza explain firing and rewiring the brain very well, he talks about repetition for rewiring the neurons in place, so I have to ask this question. Do you feel doing your treatment just the once maintains the rewiring sufficiently enough to keep the resistance away? Or should it be practiced more than once? I guess I can muscle test what my sumrating is in about one week's time, but I'd love to hear what you think please? 💜

  2. Ok, This is to those of you wondering if this can help you after only watching this Trial vid…I went thru his session and imagined I was one of those he connecting to…After I felt a smile on my face and the energy of happiness…I don't think I got everything or the full experience of his group online, However, I know this is, without doubt, the key to the Law of Attraction and Manifestation…I will definitely join his group

  3. If I listened only to the recording and wasn’t on live, will your recoding work work for me? I mean since you weren’t actually tapping into my super conscience personally at the time you were doing it live, can I still benefit?

  4. So in reference to the identity thing….if I’ve had an identity all my life that “I don’t get to have what I desire” can that be why I struggle with relationships, money, food, weight loss??? Is it because if I want to have a lean body and nice house, for example, but those things always elude me, I can’t have them because my identity says I don’t get to have things that I want???

  5. You talk a lot about the unconscious mind in your videos. Is that the same thing as the subconscious mind? To me unconscious means you are passed out and subconscious is the opposite of the conscious mind. Sorry if that’s a silly question 🤪

  6. This is brilliant, I mean all the work I have done and I mean legitimate work….and he explains it so perfectly. Like a giant click in my head….I just wish I could really get this down pat. It seems complicated….Trust me Tony Robbins aint teaching this…..

  7. I just want to say that I saw watched the live demonstration on the YouTube ad with total skepticism. Christopher said it wouldn't work if you're in the audience but I tried it anyway. I rewired 5 beliefs through my superconscious and my life is forever changed. I am stunned. I am not paid to say this. I had no idea who this guy was and to be honest he looked like a gimmick to me. I had to find somewhere to share my experience. Wow. I will say that I'm a lifecoach, extrasensory, energy practitioner and a CPCP which long story short is a process to change the past and heal trauma through regression work. I teach about mindfulness and meditation, so the process was familiar to me to go under, which I think is why it was so effective on me. This sounds woo woo but I have spirit guides that I asked for assistance in this as well. (It's not so crazy if you accept the idea of a quantum universe in this quantum work Christopher's got going here) I've dedicated my life to this sort of work. This stuff works you guys. Whether you try it with Christopher or through a meditation CD to let go of beliefs through the power of suggestion through the superconscious, it works.

  8. So, after watching replay I wanted in…and found a link on google but YOU'RE BUT No longer available? I was originally just gonna do $99 program but, Im ready for a bigger commitment! When will it become available again? Thanks! Looking forward to reply.

  9. This was a very powerful experience. Towards the end of the clearing, I felt myself smiling.
    Afterwards, I was doing some cleaning in one of my rooms, and entered a second room and noticed that 11 ladybugs had somehow entered my home, and were on my window.

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